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from the iTunes App Store & Google Play

Export app reviews for your apps. Gather insights from customer feedback.
Heedzy puts the power in your hands.

All in one place

All in one place

Downloads historical and future data from Google Play, the App Store & Twitter, all in one consistent format

Convenient data feeds

Convenient data feeds

Exports of app reviews are in convenient Excel-friendly format (CSV), ready for your crunching.

Delivered to your inbox

Delivered to your inbox

Choose from different export delivery schedules, or log in to pull your exports on demand.

Free to try

Free to try

Don't pay thousands for the freedom to do what you want with your data.

Data insights

Helps you identify trends & combined with other data sources

Data insights manager

Product management

Helps you understand your users & work out where to invest

Product manager


Helps you quickly identify if there's a problem

Operations manager


Helps you efficiently gather insights & crunch the numbers


Trusted by thousands of developers and companies worldwide.

Heedzy has made our process of collecting and analysing feedback for our own and industry wide apps amazingly simple.

- Heedzy User (since 2015)

We regulary use heedzy for our research into the ongoing performance of various services in the market.

- Heedzy User (since 2016)

Customer feedback is a godsent navigator for your success.
Heed it and you'll earn their trust, ignore it and perils await.

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- Folks at heedzy