Case study of Citibank Australia - why listening to your customer feedback is important

by ErlichBachmann on April 4th, 2016.

Until recently the Australian arm of Citibank bank was suffering from the ever so common "why haven't you listened to us and updated your app!" customer reviews. With a dismal 2 star App Store rating slowly heading towards the dreaded "I'd give you less than 1 star if I could" danger zone, things were looking bleak. Sorry Maverick, even you couldn't pull this plane out of this downward spiral....

But even when the odds were against them, it's obvious now that someone was listening. Like a game of chess where you need to setup your moves before you can pull off a checkmate, someone at HQ was quietly analysing the customer feedback from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Recently, Citibank AU released a new app update to the Apple App Store. In addition to some new features, the Product Managers have invested in a new user interface which addresses many of their top common complaints.

Below are some snippets taken from the Heedzy extract:

"A year ago, Citibank's app was awful. Truly awful. This year, I'm pleased to say it has redeemed itself. TouchID, iPhone 6 optimised and shows pending transactions (finally!)"

"Getting better! Greatly improved interface and level of information provided."

"Happy to see the app being updated with feedback"

"A major improvement Finally it seems like someone read the reviews and decided to do something about the previous mess. Finally easy to transfer money, a lot faster to log in and the snapshot is a great feature"

Understanding your customers wishes and acting on this can quickly turn the negativity into positivity. It's no wonder love and hate are often so intimately related. A customer who loves your product can easily turn against you, but the same can be said the other way.

With there most recent app updates to both the App Store and Google Play Store, their ratings have experienced a much needed resuscitation.

Below is a chart produced from the Heedzy data:

After a string of 1-2 star apps, Citibank are finally making their comeback.

Congratulations Citibank! The other competitors need to pay attention now.

If the above sounds like you, Heedzy is here to help. With our free tool you can easily extract all of the available feedback found on the App Store and Google Play. With some analysis you can easily identify common themes and focus on addressing your customers feedback/complaints.

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