Improve your customers' experience and uncover issues before users abandon your app

by RussHanneman on March 6th, 2016.

With millions of apps now in existence in every category, mobile app users have never had so much choice. As app discovery becomes more and more of a problem, keeping the users you already have engaged is of the highest importance.

That's why when your users take the time to leave you a rating and review via the App Store, Google Play or Twitter it's absolutely critical that you listen. Not only is it critical that you listen, but you must also act or risk losing users - it's a simple as that.

With things changing at such a rapid pace in the mobile ecosystem it's very easy to overlook things. Has the latest iOS build deprecated a function in your app? Has a new phablet sized device with high DPI uncovered a cosmetic defect? Or are users simply begging for a new feature?

With Heedzy you can set up regular emails straight to your inbox capturing and consolidating your customer feedback. The feedback your users are spending time on writing to you is an incredibly precious asset that you must leverage when prioritizing and making changes.

We suggest the following 5 steps for the effective use of your app feedback:

  1. Listening: Obviously, the first thing to do is to listen. What are your customers saying about the app experience across the App Store, Google Play and Twitter?
  2. Analyzing: Are you seeing any trends? Step back and look at the feedback in depth. Use it to extract actionable trends and insights.
  3. Acting: Now use this analysis and get the right people across your organization to test and fix problems or improve your app.
  4. Understanding root cause: why has that something gone wrong? Not understanding rood cause can result in ineffective use of resources, and reduced likelihood of improving the customers' experience for the long term.
  5. Measuring: finally, continue using the feedback loop remembering that the follow up is just as important. This way you get your customers participating in the growth of your app.

Essentially, when app users share insights that will be acted upon, it's not only engaging for those users but makes them advocates for your service.

What are your thoughts? Have you got a good example of feedback that you acted on? Let us know.

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